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E-bikes: Risk and Liability Insurance

E-bikes are a fun and energy efficient way to get around town. If you recently purchased an E-bike in Ohio then congratulations! Excellent decision but you might be asking yourself a couple key questions regarding your E-bike and the road...

Class 3 E-Bikes travel up to 28mph.

So what are E-bike laws in Ohio?

Ohio has enacted the "PeopleForBikes" law model which gives riders similar rights and duties to that of traditional bicycle riders.

Get familiar with the E-Bike Ohio laws with this link.

What about my insurance?

E-bikes are defined as a "motorized bicycle". They are not subject to license, registration or insurance in the state of Ohio. However, your E-bike purchase was no doubt an expensive one. You'll probably want to protect your investment. And while you are not required to have E-bike insurance... you are subject to risk and liability while riding your E-bike. Accident, injury or theft of your E-bike may happen at the least opportune time.

Call us today to discuss insurance options with your E-bike. We pickup the phone!

- John C. Kalmbaugh, Certified Insurance Counselor.


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